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Righty, now I'm sure I'm not the only artist in this community.. But, I currently have no muse for graphics right now, wich is why I've been drawing lately. (see post below.)

So, I'm going to pose a contest for u lot!

You have to make a layout for this community.

.:. Must be no bigger than 1024.
.:. perferably .JPG If u can't save it in jpg, upload it somewhere, and I will.
.:. Obviously has to be Hanson.(or Just taylor.)
.:. There is no skill restriction. You can be Amature, or advanced. You can even draw it and scan it in, if you'd like.
.:. You are allowed to use your usual resources.(IE: Images, textures, brushes)
.:. I'm not a fan of big annoying swirly over blocky fonts.. I like simply arial, times, georgia, or arial black.
.:. You are allowed to make: a graphics for the Rules, Link Me buttons, Community Avatars.
.:. Make sure it works best in Generator.

.:. You must be a MEMBER of this community to update. U can't be someone who just watches it.

I think its obvious what the winner gets. Their layout used with full credit.

please email me the layout and put "(LJ USER NAME) T_D Layout entry." in the Subject!!!
I will not download any zip files I don't reconize, so if you dont want it deleted, please put the subject!

Including ur user name tells me who i can credit it to. Also, you are free to give me your site adress (if you have one) if you'd perfer that as well as your username.

Unless I don't have enough entrys.

thanks, and have fun!
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