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Hanson survey from one fan to another [07 Dec 2009|04:19am]

The Ultimate Hanson Survey


Hanson music survey

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Help with a Hanson Survey [16 Nov 2009|03:14am]

I am trying to make the Ultimate Hanson survey. . . I need help with questions. . . anyone have extra or interesting question for me to add it. I would greatly appreciate. Once I am finished which I am hoping to be by December 1st.. . .I will post the survey for the fans to do.
Hanson Fans

[20 Jun 2009|05:28pm]


Hanson Fans

ULTIMATE Hanson Fan Collection FOR SALE! ... [09 Jul 2007|11:25am]

Ultimate Hanson Fan Collection FOR SALE! 
Everything in this collection was gathered between 1996 and 2001. A lot of the items are ultra RARE and hard to find. There are even unique items you won't find anywhere else! Just about everything in this collection is in 100% perfect, brand new, mint, collector’s condition. Everything has been wrapped in acid-free, aging resistant plastic to preserve the condition of the items. 

CLICK HERE to see pictures and more info...

(x-posted in multiple communities)

NOTE: If this type of post is not allowed in this community, I do sincerely apologize to the maintainer(s) and the community members. Please tell me if it is prohibited and I will gladly delete the post right away. "Spamming" this lovely community and annoying its members is not my intention. I'm just trying to get the word out to as many Hanson fans as possible that I have this collection up for sale.
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My first piece of work! [20 Jun 2006|04:42pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Title: I'm Using My Fingers instead of Words..
Genre: Hancest
Pairing: Zaylor
Rating: R. maybe X. but definitely R.
length: 1,723
Chapters: One?
Notes: This is my first Hanson fiction, and I worked really hard on it. My friend Lindsay helped me, after we decided that we couldn't find any Hanson stories that we hot enough for consumption, we wrote our own. so beware, some might consider this filthy, others might consider it to be a work of art.
X posted everywhere.
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purple jacket? [16 Apr 2006|10:13pm]

Does anyone have pictures of Tay in an eggplant purple jacket? I could've sworn I saw pictures of him wearing it, but I forgot where that was from and now I can't find it... *scratches head*
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[22 Aug 2005|05:12pm]


Opening band contests sponsored by college radio stations in each tour market coupled with screenings of Hanson’s self-produced documentary Strong Enough To Break at associated college campuses; The Best of Hanson Live and Electric to be released on Hanson’s indie 3CG Records on Oct. 11

NEW YORK, August 15, 2005—You may think you know Hanson, but the trio’s Live and Electric Tour ’05, which begins Oct. 18 at the Roxy in Atlanta, GA, and runs through a Nov. 23 performance in their hometown of Tulsa, OK at Cain’s Ballroom, shows a side of the band that has taken eight years of what the New York Post calls “talent and perseverance” to “brilliantly display what you can achieve.” Tickets go on sale in selected tour markets on Aug. 27, Sept. 10, Sept. 17 and Oct. 1, with every purchaser receiving a free limited edition Live and Electric Tour ’05 CD sampler, to be distributed at each performance. Pre-sale tickets will be available exclusively at AOLtickets.com starting Monday, Aug. 22.
The group will be supported on all dates (except Hampton Beach Nov. 5) by fellow indie outfit the Pat McGee Band. Commented Taylor Hanson: “We’re really pumped to be able to offer the Pat McGee Band this opportunity, because they’ve gone through a similar set of circumstances to us, leaving a major label to go out on their own. They are truly a great live band, and we’re looking forward to have them join us on our tour.” Said Pat: "I'm grateful to Hanson for giving us this chance to tour with them. As independent bands that have gone through the major label experience, we have a lot in common, and I'm looking forward to joining with them to give both their, and our, fans a great show."

Hanson brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zac continue to demonstrate that evolution on the brand-new album The Best of Hanson Live and Electric, which hits retail stores Oct. 11 on their own 3CG Records label. For a band that has sold more than 15 million albums, Live and Electric spotlights Hanson performing all their platinum-plus hits, as Entertainment Weekly put it, “newly energized as they kick out brawny guitar-rock jams,” recorded live last June before an enthusiastic audience in Melbourne, Australia. That includes the chart-topping “MmmBop” along with “Where’s the Love,” “This Time Around,” “I Will Come To You” and “Penny & Me,” as well as bonus tracks “If Only” and “A Song to Sing.” Showing their versatility, the album also includes Hanson’s covers of Radiohead’s “Optimistic” and U2’s “In a Little While.” A limited edition CD/DVD version will also be available with new live footage, never-before-released track, “Being Me,” music videos, and a photo gallery among the bonus features.
The 24-date U.S. tour will include visits to local colleges, where the band will talk to students about their experiences in the music business, and especially their quest to succeed as independents outside the consolidated corporate culture. At each campus along the tour route, Hanson will screen their self-produced documentary, Strong Enough to Break, illustrating the current state of the music business, why the band decided to set up their own record label. At the conclusion, they will hold Q&A sessions with the students.
“Our choice to become independent again was about our belief in the relationship between us and our fans,” said Taylor. The band’s last album, Underneath, debuted at #1 on the Billboard Independent Album chart in 2004. “We’re passionate about the future of independent music.”

Pointing to the success of their 3CG Records, the band looks to build a grass-roots community of artists, labels, promoters and fans to help bring independent music to the forefront.
“The future depends on the commitment and passion of musicians, fans and the industry to career artists,” said Zac. “If we don’t get involved, we only have ourselves to blame.”
To demonstrate their support for independent music, Hanson will work with local college radio stations and newspapers to sponsor a contest to select a developing band as its opening act in each tour market. Bands are invited to submit music to 3CG Records, with three finalists chosen by the label to be spotlighted on hanson.net and the winner chosen by a public online vote. Indie bands in Hanson tour markets can get further information through local college radio outlets.

The Hanson track, “Crazy Beautiful,” from the new album, will be available pre-release as an iTunes exclusive starting Tuesday, Aug. 30, while “Underneath,” also from the new disc, will be carried by selected online retailers before the CD hits stores nationwide. Live acoustic versions of tracks including “Misery” and “Underneath” will be featured as part of a Hanson Connect Set on Sony Music’s online retail site Connect.com, also launching Tuesday, Aug. 30. On that same day, the band will participate in an online chat on USAToday.com at 2 p.m. (ET).
The venerable Village Voice predicts, “These hardworking brothers’ valiant quest for independence shall be rewarded.” With a headlining tour and brand-new live album coming their way this fall, Hanson’s fans will be rewarded, too. For more information, go to www.Hanson.net

Oct. 18 Atlanta, GA The Roxy
Oct. 19 Myrtle Beach, SC House of Blues
Oct. 21 Lake Buena Vista, FL House of Blues
Oct. 22 St. Petersburg, FL Jannus Landing
Oct. 23 Pompano Beach, FL Club Cinema
Oct. 26 Allentown, PA Crocodile Rock
Oct. 28 Philadelphia, PA Trocadero
Oct. 29 Atlantic City, NJ House of Blues
Oct. 30 Washington, DC 9:30 Club
Nov. 1 Toms River, NJ Ritacco Center
Nov. 2 New York, NY Nokia
Nov. 4 Boston, MA Avalon
Nov. 5 Hampton Beach, NH Hampton Beach Casino
Nov. 6 Patchogue, NY Northern Lights
Nov. 9 Detroit, MI Royal Oak
Nov. 10 Toronto, ON Kool Haus
Nov. 12 Cleveland, OH House of Blues
Nov. 13 Cincinnati, OH Bogart's
Nov. 16 Chicago, IL House of Blues
Nov. 17 Chicago, IL House of Blues
Nov. 19 Milwaukee, WI The Rave
Nov. 20 Minneapolis, MN The Quest
Nov. 22 Lawrence, KS Liberty Hall
Nov. 23 Tulsa, OK Cain's Ballroom

For more information, contact Jason Spies JasonS@3cgrecords.com <mailto:jasons@3cgrecords.com>
568 Broadway, Suite 608 • New York, NY 10012• (ph) 212-334-3160


btw, this is Marauder_ here .. aka tee.
HY mag still needs staff, so go apply at hansonsource.com
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gmail... [11 Aug 2005|04:42am]

[ mood | embarrassed ]

can someone send me an invite for gmail!??! the hell! im the only one who doesnt have it!!! thanks in advance!!!

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Happy Father's Day~~~ [19 Jun 2005|06:55pm]
[ mood | I just saw Kalan Porter! ]

I think I just wanna say Happy Father's Day to Tay even tho he doesn't know me and I'm not his daughter or blood-related relative at all...

'N I'm now watching the 2005 MMVA! Man... I'm so looking forward to seeing Kalan Porter performing! ♥ him!

X-posted to other Hanson-related communities now =P.

Hanson Fans

what i am reading now.... [15 Jun 2005|10:24pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

©MSN Movies

Holy remakes!!! How many ways can Hollywood portray "Batman"?

From the campy '60s Adam West version to the equally campy George Clooney outing, five films have brought the beloved Bob Kane DC comic to life -- five different visions, of varying quality, that have delighted, disappointed and ignited arguments among Batman aficionados everywhere. Now comes Number 6: the eagerly awaited, promisingly dark "Batman Begins." 

Why all the attention? Batman has long been the favorite superhero of comic-book/graphic-novel fandom, offering a wealth of rich, dark material for a filmmaker to mine. We are inspired/fascinated by traumatized rich boy Bruce Wayne and his alter-ego Batman because he doesn't possess any superpowers -- just a super brain, super gadgets, super car, super rage and a super, devoted butler. He's the brooding film noir-esque anti-hero whose hometown of Gotham City is so filled with corruption and evil that it has stained his soul. Batman is so deeply troubled and so deeply violent, you're not sure just which side of good or evil he's on.

This is just one reason we're especially excited for Christopher Nolan's "Batman Begins," starring the wonderfully twisted and intense Christian Bale ("American Psycho," "The Machinist") in the title role. They appear the perfect pair to take Batman back to the dark side. Will it be the definitive portrayal of the Caped Crusader? We've seen it, and we'll give you our verdict below. But before we get to Bale's bat-ting average, we thought we'd fly down memory lane to take a look at the previous Bat-visions that graced or disgraced our big screens.

Batman: The Movie'Batman: The Movie' (1966)

Bat facts: Taken from the campy and colorful TV show, Leslie H. Martinson's "Batman: The Movie" has long been regarded as a gleefully guilty pleasure. The story has Gotham City's four greatest criminals joining forces to, yes, take over the world. How will the dynamic duo, Batman and Robin, stop them? With a lot of POW! KABLAM! and BOOM!

The man behind the mask: Adam West

Friends: Robin (Burt Ward) and Alfred (Alan Napier)

Foes: Joker (Cesar Romero), Penguin (Burgess Meredith), Riddler (Frank Gorshin) and Catwoman (Lee Meriwether)

Geek critique: Though most fans like the camp factor of the movie and, of course, the cool catchy theme song, some expressed anger over problems ranging from not taking Kane's source material seriously to West's slightly flabby physique. Also, kitty-licious Julie Newmar's TV Catwoman was replaced by the too-cute Meriwether.

Bottom line: No, this isn't heavy viewing. And it's perhaps one reason why the comic-book genre has been regarded by civilians as, well, kid's stuff, but it's pretty lovable. With the film's hilarious gadgets (our favorite: shark repellent), the stiff delivery of West countered by Ward's hyper proclamations like "Holy horseshoe!" and the cheesy comic antics of Romero, Meredith and Gorshin (R.I.P., gentlemen), it's a batty good time.

Batman'Batman' (1989)

Bat facts: For those who only remembered Batman as a leotard-wearing, '60s phenomena, 28-year-old visionary Tim Burton gamely stepped in and created an appropriately darker franchise, and one closer to Frank Miller's popular "Dark Knight" graphic novels. This one features the Joker as arch villain and murderer of Bruce Wayne's parents, setting off the Caped Crusader's rage and revenge.

The man behind the mask: Michael Keaton

Friends: Alfred (Michael Gough), Vickie Vale (Kim Basinger)

Foes: The Joker (Jack Nicholson) and Grissom (Jack Palance)

Geek critique: Many were split on the casting of Michael "Mr. Mom" Keaton (to us, he's always "Beetlejuice") as the Caped Crusader, but the biggest criticism came from Burton's poetic licensing of Batman's superhero inspiration. Burton had the Joker kill Bruce Wayne's parents (in the comic, an unknown thug committed the act), and comic-book fans felt cheated: The original wrath that fueled Batman was directed not simply at the Joker but at faceless crime in general.

Bottom line: A gorgeously filmed Burton tale with a nicely dry Keaton and a perfectly cast Nicholson, "Batman" was slow moving but visually inventive, recalling another era and the dark landscape of DC Comics. To enjoy this "Batman" you have to allow yourself into Burton's world and not just Kane's. 

Batman Returns'Batman Returns' (1992)

Bat facts: Burton took another stab, this time with an even dimmer view of society and media: The dastardly Penguin (AKA Oswald Cobblepot) runs for mayor!

The man behind the mask: Michael Keaton.

Friends: Alfred (Michael Gough), Police Commissioner Gordon (Pat Hingle) and (sort of) Catwoman/Selina Kyle (Michelle Pfeiffer).

Foes: Penguin/Oswald Cobblepot (Danny DeVito), Max Shreck (Christopher Walken) and (sort of) Catwoman (Michelle Pfeiffer)

Geek critique: Despite phenomenal casting with Pfeiffer, DeVito and Walken, hard-core Bat-philes continued to dislike Burton's vision overriding creator Kane's, while merely dipping into the darker waters of the comic's brilliant second-coming creator, Frank Miller.

Bottom line: This has long been our favorite "Batman," flaws and all. The beautiful look evokes a noirish, even German expressionistic underground, and the themes -- especially the origin of the Penguin (a deformed baby dropped in the river by his parents) -- were extra dark and brooding (not to mention that Burton set it during Christmas!). And Pfeiffer in that catsuit? Forget Halle Berry: Pfeiffer was pussy-purrrfect. 

Batman Forever'Batman Forever' (1995)

Bat facts:
Joel "St. Elmo's Fire" Schumacher took over the reins in Batman's third comeback. Here, Batman's got two villains to contend with: Two-Face, who blames Batman for his disfigurement, and the Riddler, a jealous employee of Wayne Enterprises. We also get the introduction of Robin, the young, rebellious sidekick.

The man behind the mask: Val Kilmer

Friends: Robin (Chris O'Donnell), Dr. Chase Meridian (Nicole Kidman) and Alfred (Michael Gough).

Foes: Two Face/D.A. Dent (Tommy Lee Jones) and Riddler/Edward Nygma (Jim Carrey).

Geek critique: Kilmer could have made a good Batman, but fans found this all so silly and much too light, making most appreciate the Burton films before it. And, after this, they all but gave up on the franchise. Nice work, Schumacher!

Bottom line: OK, the only thing truly interesting in Schumacher's "Batman" is his obvious fetishistic love for the man in black ... and tights ... and, uh ... chest gear. Kilmer's got the lips (but then, was Batman known for his pouty kisser?) and he's certainly a talented actor, but a guy who can channel Jim Morrison isn't exactly the Batman we want. But then again, this was a "Batman" of a different persuasion. Just watch how Batman suits up and you get more than a hint of homoerotic subtext simmering underneath that nipple-enhanced armor. It's Leather-Bar Batman!

Batman and Robin'Batman & Robin' (1997)

Bat facts: Joel "Flatliners" Schumacher returns to camp things up with the dynamic duo battling Poison Ivy and Mr. Freeze, who -- you guessed it -- are intent on freezing the world. Meanwhile, Alfred is sick, leaving Batman, Robin and (yep) Batgirl searching for a cure to save him.

The man behind the mask: George Clooney

Friends: Robin (Chris O'Donnell), Batgirl (Alicia Silverstone), Julie Madison (Elle MacPherson) and Alfred (Michael Gough).

Foes: Mr. Freeze/Dr. Victor Fries/Current Governor of California (Arnold Schwarzenegger), Poison Ivy/Dr. Pamela Isley (Uma Thurman) and Bane (Jeep Swenson).

Geek critique: Did they even show up for this one?

Bottom line: Even campier than Schumacher's first one, this one manages to be even lamer -- more in tune with the Adam West "Batman" TV show and movie but not nearly as likable and funny. Poor Clooney (who's got the perfect Bat-chin and Bat-i-tude) is lost in a stupid story devoid of heart ... even with Alfred dying. This also marked the downfall of Silverstone. You missed it? Check local network TV at around 2:30 p.m. on a Sunday. It's probably on.

Batman Begins'Batman Begins' (2005)

Bat facts: Christopher Nolan, the man behind menacing stuff like "Memento" and "Insomnia," crafts a "Batman" closer to its source material than any other film. Bruce Wayne witnesses his parents' murder, then grows up traumatized. As a young man, he runs off to train with the ninja cult leader known as Ra's Al Ghul. When he returns to Gotham City, it's more corrupt than ever, leading him to create his cave, suit and gadgets (with the help of Lucius Fox), culminating in his alter ego of Batman. Mafia don Falcone and the evil doctor Jonathan "The Scarecrow" Crane must be taken down.

The man behind the mask: Christian Bale

Friends: Alfred (Michael Caine), Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman), Rachel Dawes (Katie Holmes) and Lt. James Gordon (Gary Oldman).

Foes: Henri Ducard (Liam Neeson), Ra's Al Ghul (Ken Watanabe), Dr. Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow (Cillian Murphy), Carmine Falcone (Tom Wilkinson) and Richard Earle (Rutger Hauer).

Geek critique: We can only speculate at this time, but this is likely to be the geek favorite among all the "Batman" films.  We've already heard of purists blanching over Bruce Wayne's origins -- once again, they're not true to Kane's vision (Batman's training with Ducard has caused some grumblings). But the inclusion of one of the comic book's scariest villains, Scarecrow, is greatly anticipated.

Bottom line: This is the best "Batman" by far. Though we love the sinister set design and gloomy outlook of Burton's pictures, Nolan goes one step further in making Batman what he should rightfully be -- a wee bit insane (though we wished he was even nuttier, like Patrick "American Psycho" Bateman nuts). Bale is a terrific balance of good-looking and unnerving freak. He's a social misfit who faces his fears by embracing them and then projecting them onto the world he mistrusts. The message of fear is so disturbing in Nolan's film; there are a few scenes, particularly with Scarecrow, that'll terrify even adults. And we can't think of a film in the Batman series (or any movie, for that matter) in which the term "Jungian archetypes" is uttered in a sentence. Batman begins, indeed.

Kim Morgan is a film critic for the LA Weekly, DVD Talk and Reel.com. She was a film critic for The Oregonian and has written about movies for various print and Web media.

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[08 Jun 2005|12:53am]

Mayfest, my babies...?Collapse )
1 fanson Hanson Fans


[ mood | anxious ]

Hi. My name is becky. I'm a fellow fan of Hanson, musician and script writer. I was thinking about writing a movie in which a well known band (such as Hanson) takes a talent musician under their wing. This is where I need you help.
I'm trying to decide whether I should use Hanson's identities or should I make alias names for them.

Let me know. Just reply to this post with
True Identities
Total Alias

I totally apprectiate this. I'm going to have this poll going until Friday June 10th at midnight. After that the votes don't count ( unless your hanson, and I know their screen names.) Hanson if you read this please I would apprectiate your input since you're the ones inspiring me. You guys and gals are so awesome.
God Bless
PS I know posted this ina few other communities. I whne I wrote this orginal note I was hanson.net, and on hanson.net. When Hanson replies in usually hanson, webmaster, and i'm sure their name as a screenname on the forums. I'm sorry If I confused anyone with that comment.

Hanson Fans

[02 May 2005|05:55pm]


Hansonly Yours ezine now has an LJ community, wile we get the site going.

we're in need of staff. rules are in user info. please join!

so if anyone likes to write reviews, articles, or submit anything.. please do!

we plan on opening in the summer.

Hanson Fans

*Photosss* [27 Apr 2005|04:45pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

dunno if this is allowed but selling TONS of Hanson pix on e-bay....
http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZhyeah211 take a look <33 lotsa HOT Taylor ones.

3 fansons Hanson Fans

baby news! [26 Apr 2005|03:05pm]

Taylor & natalie welcome their 2nd child, Penelope Hanson, into the family on April 19.

i know i posted a bit late.. been busy.

I'd also like to tell you about a new magazine I'm VP of. its called Hansonlyours. its currently running as a yahoo group & message board at the moment. but we are in need of members and content, and all that fun stuff.

you may find the group here: Magazine

and msg board here: Message Board

please join? you're more then welcome to post ideas, contribute, apply for jobs..

we plan on opening it Hanson Day.
Hanson Fans

Vote for Hanson!!! [04 Apr 2005|06:37pm]

[ mood | grateful ]

Hello everybody here!

Spanish fans need your help! We have a music program in Spain called Música 1, and there's a list like in every program but Hanson are on place 29 from 31!! The thing is that they only count one vote for each person so we can only vote once and we are not so many fans in Spain

Here's the information:

link ----> http://www.musicaunotv.com/vota.asp

Nombre: Name
E-mail de contacto: E-mail address
Localidad: City
País: Country
Sobre la selección: About the selection.
Selecciona una opción: Chose an option (here is where you have to look for "Hanson - Underneath"
Enviar: Send
Solo se contabiliza un voto por persona: We can only count one vote for each person.

Hanson need your help in Spain please!

Thanx for the colaboration

Hanson Fans

[26 Mar 2005|08:17pm]


and here's an easter egg.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Hanson Fans

So...mullet and stuff. [22 Mar 2005|10:03pm]


So what do you girls think of this: Mullet....wha?Collapse ) I certainly find it to be one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen.


16 fansons Hanson Fans

taylor circa 1997 [18 Mar 2005|02:08am]

flashbackCollapse )
5 fansons Hanson Fans

CONTEST!!!!! [13 Mar 2005|09:27pm]

Righty, now I'm sure I'm not the only artist in this community.. But, I currently have no muse for graphics right now, wich is why I've been drawing lately. (see post below.)

So, I'm going to pose a contest for u lot!

You have to make a layout for this community.

.:. Must be no bigger than 1024.
.:. perferably .JPG If u can't save it in jpg, upload it somewhere, and I will.
.:. Obviously has to be Hanson.(or Just taylor.)
.:. There is no skill restriction. You can be Amature, or advanced. You can even draw it and scan it in, if you'd like.
.:. You are allowed to use your usual resources.(IE: Images, textures, brushes)
.:. I'm not a fan of big annoying swirly over blocky fonts.. I like simply arial, times, georgia, or arial black.
.:. You are allowed to make: a graphics for the Rules, Link Me buttons, Community Avatars.
.:. Make sure it works best in Generator.

.:. You must be a MEMBER of this community to update. U can't be someone who just watches it.

I think its obvious what the winner gets. Their layout used with full credit.

please email me the layout and put "(LJ USER NAME) T_D Layout entry." in the Subject!!!
I will not download any zip files I don't reconize, so if you dont want it deleted, please put the subject!

Including ur user name tells me who i can credit it to. Also, you are free to give me your site adress (if you have one) if you'd perfer that as well as your username.

Unless I don't have enough entrys.

thanks, and have fun!
Hanson Fans

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