Katy (jealousmuch) wrote in taylor_daily,

Hello, hello. We're finally done, guys - the Mayfest vid is complete. Sorry this has taken so ridiculously long...we've just been super busy editing and handling orders...and going about our normal, non-Hanson lives as well :)

We do have everything (finally!) squared away though, and were hoping some of you are still interested. The quality is absolutely stellar (if I do say so myself): not only is the sound fabulous (aside from my own occassional ear-piercing scream...my apologies), but you can literally see the sweat dripping off Taylor's angelic face.


So...if you still want copies, it'll be $25, which will include shipping plus over an hour of concert + soundcheck footage. We got *at least* a clip of every song performed, including the UBER-RARE "Being Me" (Ike's solo), "Broken Angel" (Zac's), "Love Me" (Taylor's to baby P...awww!!) and of course "Tulsa Time" in their entirety.

Hopefully this is enticing...lemme know what your plans are so I can send you our addy :)

Thanks a lot!
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