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My first piece of work!

Title: I'm Using My Fingers instead of Words..
Genre: Hancest
Pairing: Zaylor
Rating: R. maybe X. but definitely R.
length: 1,723
Chapters: One?
Notes: This is my first Hanson fiction, and I worked really hard on it. My friend Lindsay helped me, after we decided that we couldn't find any Hanson stories that we hot enough for consumption, we wrote our own. so beware, some might consider this filthy, others might consider it to be a work of art.

        It was a Saturday night.  Taylor and Zac had booked a show at The Underground Moon, in Manhattan, the Lower East Side.  They were to go on around 10:30 depending on when the previous band finished their set.  They planned to play their covers of various early 70's glam rock classics such as "Sister Midnight" by The Stooges and "Starman" by David Bowie.  They were excited to deliver their slightly more angsty arrangements of such tunes.
        Sitting in the blue Subaru, Zac behind the wheel, Taylor slumped in the passenger seat, slamming a fifth of bourbon.  This was typical as Taylor preferred to chug before the gig and keep a small glass to sip while on stage whereas Zac wouldn't be caught dead inebriated performing but would take back a few afterward.  Zac lit a marlboro and lit his brother's camel with the same flame.  They smoked, wordlessly listening to Janis screaming from the speakers.
        Taylor popped open the car door, flicking his smoke to street and exhaling.  Zac sat and stared pensively, pulled the last puff and slipped his cigarette through the crack in the window.  Taylor slammed the car door, straightened his arms and extended his body in a stretch.  His pants were tight, black slacks with thin pin-stripes, classic.  His shirt a form-fitting, light blue T.  His jacket, the maker of the out-fit being a destroyed, faded black silk blazer, complete with paint splatter and fraying threads.  Nails, a vibrant cyan, chipped.  The streetlight shone a pastel yellow on his skin and his eyes, painted with charcoal liner, shimmering cheek.  He made his way to the back of the car and knocked on the trunk.  Zac released the trunk latch and Taylor grabbed his guitar case and the backpack filled with percussions and wires.
        Zac turned the keys and shoved them into the inside pocket of his nylon blended cotton blazer, it's indigo lent itself perfectly to the night air.  He lurched out of the car adjusting his loose fitting, faded blue jeans.  He ran his hand down the front of his filthy, white wife-beater and button his jacket over it.  He stomped out the still burning cigarette with his old blue pumas.  He met Taylor in the middle of the street and put his arm around his shoulders.  They sauntered, side to side across the street, Zac inhaling the fumes from Taylors lips.  Taylor stumbles on the curb shoving Zac to one side.  Zac veers to the left and shoves Taylor onto the ground and snatched the guitar case in one motion, slinging it over his shoulder.  Taylor rolls to a sitting position and smirks up to Zac, clinking his bottle against the dirty New York walk.
        "What are you thinkin' about?"
        "We got raw power." Zac mused.
        "Yeah, we got it." Taylor clapped once and was on his feet in seconds.
        Taylor stepped forward, Zac stepping in front of him, they exchanged knowing glances. Taylor leaned into him as Zac turned his head to the side, rejecting the come-on with a snorting smile.  Zac side stepped and Taylor made for the fire door.  Zac grabbed Taylor's passing wrist, whipped him around, he slammed his shoulders against the graffitied building.  He moved in with the action of curious snake, Taylor's head grinding into the wall behind him.  Zac tasted the underbelly of Taylor's upper lip, sliding his tongue across his slippery teeth.  Taylor's breath shuddered as he slipped his hand over the bulge of Zac's heavy jeans, lingering, he ran his fingers intrusively down his fly.  Zac grunted and pushed his face into Taylor's neck, his veins pulsing against his cheek, he jammed his forehead upward and along his brother's jaw bone, biting his way downward to his chin.  Pausing to listen to Taylor's whimpers, Zac exhaled and pushed himself off of Taylor's chest with both hands.  Chuckling, He turned to the fire door to make his entrance, leaving Taylor panting to the black sky polluted with neon.
        They were greeted by the blank, drunken faces of a crowd of degenerated ruffians of all breeds.  The noises of corruption made the walls bleed.  The sounds escaping from their instruments were a subtle monument to the time and the sexual ambivalence they so loved.  Their sweat splattering the stage, they writhed around transmitting rays of the ectoplasm of the greats.  Howling and raging their disquieting call.  It seemed the audience was possessed with a turgid vexation.  Their zenith was felt with the intensity of birth.  The closeout was nothing to remember, they slipped away.
        Bursting out from the fire door, they sighed hard and wiped the sweat from their brows, shirts soaked, they juggled their instruments, stripping off their respective jackets.  They quickly made their way across the street to the car, dumping their instruments into the trunk.  Zac shook off the heat from the club and cracked his neck watching Taylor prance back to the curb where he had left his bottle of bourbon.  Returning, bottle clenched in his fist, Taylor joined his brother on the hood on the car, taking the cigarette Zac had lit for him and pulling a long drag.
        They sat antsy, passing the bottle back and forth, suffering in the silence of the night.
        "Put on some fucking music." Zac could only take so much.
        "The Chameleons?"
        "Fuck no."
        "Alright." Taylor slid off the hood and crawled into the car, turning it on and putting on The Only Theatre Of Pain.
        Getting back to his seat on the car, Taylor leaned back on the windshield sucking fiercely on the mouth of the bottle.  His eye narrowed in his brother's direction.
        "Give it." Zac growled lowly, reaching for the drink.  He never took the bottle, instead he leaned back on his right hand, close to Taylor, his elbow locked.  His eyes fluttered up and down, taking in the pink edges and curves of his face.  Zac reached up and cradled Taylor's face, his thumb pressing hard against his cheeks as he dragged it down to his chin, his dry index finger sliding between Taylor's teeth and onto his tongue.  Zac watched with a stony expression, lids wilting as Taylor sucked hungrily on his finger.
        "Yeah..." He excoriated into Taylor's ear as he undid the silver button of his jeans, leaning back and sliding his free hand over his boxers, rubbing his hard cock.
        Taylor pulled Zac's finger from his mouth, his wet tongue colliding with his brother's fat lips.  Taylor crawled on top of Zac, straddling him and pinning him against the cold windshield of the car his hands grabbing voraciously at Zac's ratted hair.  Zac pulling Taylor's grinding hips into his own, repining loudly.  Zac grappled at Taylor's ass, his cock pulsating in his pants.  With a quick and distasteful motion, Zac pushed Taylor up to his knees and off of his lap.
        Taylor fix his eyes to Zac's, his smug look violating the space between them.  Zac stared as Taylor undid his fly and tugged at the zipper, pulling his cock out of his clean pants, stroking it in the process. 
        "Put your mouth on it." He pulled his trousers down passed his ass.  Their eyes remained locked as Taylor inched forward, lowering his cock into Zac's mouth.  Zac flicked his tongue on the tip of Taylor's nob and grabbed his ass, and slid his cock down his throat, sucking and salivating.  Taylor thrust his cock in and out of Zac's mouth, fucking his head.  A shocking sound escaped Taylor's lips, his head falling, chin to his chest.  Then, Taylor pulled out, Zac gagging, his mouth dripping, Taylor lifted his balls and put them in Zac's open mouth.  He licked and tickled them with his tongue.
        He scooted back and his pants fell to his knees as he clutched the waistband of his brother's jeans and boxers alike and jerked them down and off of him.  Zac pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it aside.  Examining Zac's naked body. Zac lifted his legs with both arms, exposing his ass hole to Taylor. Taylor laid face down on the hood as he licked Zac's ass, spitting on it.  He shoved his tongue inside, lubing the entire area with his saliva.  Zac's grip on his knees tightened, his fingers digging in. He watched, sucking on his own bottom lip.
        Taylor got up and fell onto Zac's chest, drunk.
        His left hand lowered, directing his cock, slamming it into Zac's ass, missionary style.  Taylor grabbed the back of Zac's neck, grinding his cheek into his face as he slowly worked his cock all the way inside.  Once he finally could, he pounded, his balls slapping against his brother's ass cheeks.
        "I wanna make you cum." He grunted.  The whimpers and groans resonated upward between the buildings of the narrow alley way. The sound of cars and drunks fighting, the smell of compost, fermented sweat, the gentle waft of a penetrated rectum cloyed the evening wind.
        Taylor's pace quickened, the fingers of his left hand caught in the knots of Zac's hair, he came.  Shuddering and wincing, toes curling in his boots.
        Zac placed his foot on Taylor's chest, pushing him off of him, cum seeping out his ass hole onto the hood of the car, free of his cock.  Taylor flung onto his back landing on the harsh black-top, scraping his palms and ass cheeks.  Zac got off the car and took Taylor by the collar of his shirt, violently bending him over the hood.  Zac spit downward onto his own cock, kicking apart his brother's feet.  With his right hand placed in the middle of his back, his left hand stroked his cock, ready to ram it into Taylor's ass, which throbbed like a starving mouth waiting to be fed.  Zac stepped forward hustling his purple tipped cock into Taylor's warm ass hole.
        Taylor let out an animalistic scream that vibrated the cluttered alley.  Zac wailed on Taylor mercilessly.  Taylor climbed on top of the hood, his knees would dent the thick metal from the pounding Zac would ensue upon his ass.
        "Tell me you're my little boy." Zac moaned.
        With that, Zac groaned and tore at Taylor's hips with his nails, cumming harder than he ever had.  He fell limp against Taylor's sweat drenched back and panted, letting his cock fall.
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